Introducing FAF Series

“Friends and Family” are lightweight articles designed to describe most common aspects of everyday IT to my inner circle (hence the name).

Through those posts, I’m going to describe my point of view on some popular issues, solutions and developments from the world of tech, telecoms and (a little bit) of fintech. Those are meant to be shared across non-technical readers, and as such will paint an oversimplified picture of certain areas of IT.

My inspiration are everyday situations where I feel like my friends or family either misuse the tech or are playing with fire, putting their safety or financial well being at risk. As such, I will try to cover the following:

  • privacy of data storage
  • mobile communication
  • crypto craze
  • content creation
  • IT setup for elderly and remote assistance

It goes without saying, that nothing you can read here constitutes a legal or financial advice. You can use my suggestion or ignore it, but you do it at your own responsibility.

Most articles will be public and listed on the blog. Some, pertaining to more specific groups of people, might be unlisted – meaning you will need to know the link in order to access them. Feel free to share them individually with whomever you consider appropriate audience.

If you have a topic idea, let me know. Time permitting, I will do my best to accommodate request.

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