Azure AD Connect Duplicate Entries

If your system uses AADDS for authentication, Azure AD Connect is a great way to improve the user experience in corporate environments. Unfortunately, this quite new successor to DirConnect doesn’t always get things right and you might end up with duplicate content in your Azure / O365 tenant. Continue reading “Azure AD Connect Duplicate Entries”

Risk Mitigation Network 1/4 – Database Structure

With the dawn of new era dominated by web scale technologies, financial services might be one of the few markets, where data consistency and operational reliability outweighs (often questionable) performance advantages of noSQL. Continue reading “Risk Mitigation Network 1/4 – Database Structure”

Real Time OLAP Risk Mitigation

In this series of articles, I’m going to describe a low-latency risk assessment & mitigation platform built on top of a relational SQL database. The purpose of our setup is to provide a live query subsystem capable of handling large quantities of requests whilst keeping load bursts isolated from the main operational cluster. Continue reading “Real Time OLAP Risk Mitigation”