Azure AD Connect Duplicate Entries

If your system uses AADDS for authentication, Azure AD Connect is a great way to improve the user experience in corporate environments. Unfortunately, this quite new successor to DirConnect doesn’t always get things right and you might end up with duplicate content in your Azure / O365 tenant. Continue reading “Azure AD Connect Duplicate Entries”

“Unable to verify account name or password” High Sierra bug

As if logging in as root without a password and constant freezes with external displays weren’t enough, Apple decided to make life even more thrilling for Exchange 2016 users by not supporting http/2 in High Sierra. Continue reading ““Unable to verify account name or password” High Sierra bug”

Psychological Aspects of IT Management

Over the past few decades, technological advances took our everyday life by a storm. As computers become smaller and cheaper to manufacture, we find ourselves increasingly dependent on software applications – even in the most unexpected life areas. This trend will continue – while new discoveries push the frontier of miniaturization, more branches of science will soon recognize and take advantage of this breakthrough approach. Continue reading “Psychological Aspects of IT Management”